Cloud Computing - Introduction

Cloud Computing for Beginners and IT Recruiters

What is Cloud Computing?

Hi, Welcome to this Cloud Computing Tutorial Series. What is Cloud Computing? Well. I am not going to answer that, at least for now. And I am really not going to begin with listing benefits of Cloud Computing such as the ones shown in this slide, like most of the tutorials do. So, I am not even going to read these benefits listed in this slide.

Instead I am going to talk about how Computing evolved in the last few decades. Especially how the businesses are transforming between using their own Computers, if I may simply call them as Computers for now, to renting Computers provided by Cloud Vendors such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc. To do that, I think it would be ideal to start with how Computers evolved. How the Data Storage got evolved? What is Memory? What is Networking? etc. I will keep them easy and understandable. At the same time I hope the videos in this series are fun for you to learn.

So, which kind of audience this video series is for? This is for Beginners who would like to learn about Cloud Computing. This is also for IT Recruiters who would like to understand Cloud Concepts as this would help them in filling cloud related positions. This will also be useful for Senior Management personnel as well as Solution Architects who would like to know about Cloud Technology. With that, let’s get in to this series.